Thursday, December 15, 2022

City of Chicago Stiffens Enforcement for Drivers Blocking Bike Lanes

Chicago's City Council passed legislation that will increase the penalty for parking in the bike lane and provide a platform for more enforcement of drivers blocking the city's bike lanes. 

These recent changes to the Chicago Municipal Code provide that a driver can be fined $250 for stopping or parking in the bike lane. While the Code previously provided for the $250 fine, the prior version required a bicyclist to have been injured as a result of the blocked bike lane. With the amendment anyone blocking the bike lane could face a fine. 

In addition, the amendment provides for immediate towing and extends enforcement power beyond police officers to traffic aides and other individuals designated by the Traffic Compliance Administrator, Commissioner of Transportation, or the Commissioner of Streets and Sanitation.

Keating Law attorney Mike Keating stated:
"These changes to the Chicago Municipal Code are a step in the right direction. On its face, the Code now makes it easier for a police officer to issue a citation and extends the persons like traffic aides who can issue a citation for parking in the bike lane. The real effect, however, will be seen in whether the Chicago Police Department and city officials actually put some bite in their bark. Traffic laws are put into place to create a framework of safety for everyone. When those laws are not enforced we have a breakdown in the fundamental safety of our streets for bicyclists. This evidence in this breakdown is an epidemic of injuries and deaths of cyclists legally riding on our city's streets. A continued path towards change is needed.
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