Wednesday, May 13, 2009

REI and Dahon Recall Folding Bikes

REI and Dahon bicycles has announced a recall of 2008 Dahon and REI Novara folding bicycles. The recall stems from 25 reports of the hinge on the handlebar post cracking and causing a risk of falls and injuries.

Bicycles such as these became very popular in the summer of 2008 as gas prices escalated and commuters looked to convenient and lightweight collapsable bicyles such as these. However, consumers have a right to expect that these products are safe and meet industry standards for bicycles. While a collapsable bicycle may be "short," that doesn't mean the manufacturer may take "short cuts" when it comes to quality control, design, or manufacturing.

A defective or damaged bicycle that causes an injury to a rider may be the basis for a product liability claim. If you have been injured while riding a bicycle, please contact Michael Keating at 312-208-7702 or