Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chicago's SRAM, Inc. Recalls PowerLock Connector Links

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a recall of 24,000 PowerLock bicycle chain connectors. These parts were sold individually and as a part of completed bicycle chains. PowerLock connectors were installed on higher-end bicycles like Guru, Surly, Salsa, BMC, Serotta, Seven and Ridley brands. The recall was done because the PowerLock connectors were brittle and could crack, cause the chain to disconnect, and the rider to fall. There are 4 reported incidents worldwide. The potentially defective PowerLock connectors were sold between April and August of 2009.

Chicago's SRAM, Inc. is generally considered to be an excellent manufacturer of bicycle equipment. The fact that one of its parts may be defective illustrates an important point: no matter who makes the bike or component, it is part of a machine, and machines can break due to poor maintenance, inadequate design, or faulty manufacturing. Because of this, Illinois law provides a recourse to those injured by defective bikes through a case based on product liability.

A consumer may bring a case for their injuries when the bike or one of its parts is unreasonably dangerous, and that dangerous condition led to the injury. The law in these cases is often complicated and multifaceted. If you have been injured because of what you believe to be a faulty bicycle or bicycle component or part, please contact Attorney Mike Keating at 312-208-7702 or MKeating@KeatingLegal.com.