Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chicago Department of Transportation to Pilot a Bicycle Boulevard in Chicago

ActiveTrans is looking for suggestions as to where in Chicago to place a Bicycle Boulevard. Bicycle Boulevards are "bike-friendly" roadways that limit the amount of traffic from motor vehicles and provide a safe and fast roadway for bikes. The proposed location must meet the following criteria:

* Minimum one-mile stretch;
* Controlled crossing at all intersections – stop sign or traffic light;
* Residential roadway;
* Low motor vehicle traffic;
* High number of cyclists using the route and in the neighborhood;
* Aldermanic support.

Contact at ActiveTrans by Friday April 9 with "Bike Boulevard" in the subject line if you have a prime location in mind. My personal vote would be for a sidestreet in the South or West Loop that helps speed bike traffic into the Loop.