Sunday, August 8, 2010

St. Charles Woman Killed by Turning Truck While Crossing Street with her Bike

News outlets are reporting that Arlene K. Marshall, a 69-year old St. Charles woman, was killed in St. Charles early Friday morning while crossing Main Street (Rt. 64) and North Second Street (Rt. 31) in Downtown St. Charles. A police investigation has determined that Arlene K. Marshall was killed when the wheels of the dump truck struck her as it turned right onto North Second Street from westbound Main Street. At the time of the impact Arlene K. Marshall was pushing her bike across Main Street.

This is an area I am very familiar with after having grown up and spending many days along the Fox River. The location of the accident is immediately south of the Fox River in the very center of downtown St. Charles.This intersection also has crosswalks across all four corners of the intersection (click here for an image of the intersection). The Illinois law was recently amended to require motorists to STOP for pedestrians in a crosswalk. Based on the news reports, it appears that the dump truck not only didn't stop for Arlene K. Marshall but didn't yield either.

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