Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tips For Riding Safely During Winter

The League of Illinois Bicyclists, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving bicycling conditions in Illinois, recently released a list of tips for those who bike in the winter. The League stressed four areas when choosing to ride in the winter: clothing, location, hydration, and maintenance.
Warm clothing is obviously of prime importance for winter riding. The League suggests that covering your face from the harsh winds should be the focus of any rider. While layering is also key, making sure your outer layer is both windproof and waterproof should be the rider’s main concern.
In terms of location, the League recommends that if a cyclist must ride on slippery pavement, wider tires with many grooves should be placed on the bicycle. Thin tires on slippery surfaces can lead to very dangerous riding conditions.
A constant theme whether in spring, summer, fall, or winter is that a cyclist remain hydrated. Insulated water bottles are a cheap but effective way to keep water from freezing and can still be stored on the frame of the bicycle.
Finally, due to the harsh and often wet conditions, bicycle maintenance should be preformed after every winter ride. Drying all the moisture from the bicycle will help prevent rusting and keep your bicycle in operating condition.
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Source: League of Illinois Bicyclists, http://www.bikelib.org/