Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pfizer Donates Equipment to Clear Snowy Bike Lanes

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, makers of such products as Advil, recently came to Chicago as part of an ongoing advertising campaign. Pfizer representatives appeared with Chicago Bears legend Richard Dent on Wednesday to help with the promotion. Pfizer has donated snow removal trucks and equipment designed specifically for the new bicycle lanes being installed throughout the city. Also, Pfizer gave away 100 new all-terrain bicycles that are specifically built to handle inclement weather.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel hopes the addition of this snow removal equipment will encourage cyclists to continues to bike throughout the winter months. The Mayor and CDOT officials also hope that the increased use of bicycles during the winter will help alleviate traffic during bouts with snow. Clear, snow and ice free bike lanes should reduce the number of crashes and collisions experienced by the hardy souls that brave Chicago's winters on bike.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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