Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bridgeport, IL Man Killed by Distracted Driver

News outlets are reporting that a 41 year-old Bridgeport man was fatally struck and killed on March 6th. The man was killed while he riding his bicycle on County Road. According to reports, a 19 year-old driver was charged and cited. Reportedly, she became distracted while changing the radio station in her Toyota and failed to see the bicyclist.

This is a tragic reminder of the dangers of distracted driving. Whether it be a radio, a smart phone, a cell phone call, or any other electronic device, if a driver's attention is taken from the road they put themselves and others in harm's way. Illinois law provides that a driver has a duty to keep a proper lookout at all times. More specifically, Illinois law provides that a driver who injures or kills someone due to their negligence may be held liable not only in traffic court, but in civil court as well.

The family of the injured bicyclist may proceed with a Wrongful Death and Survival lawsuit. A lawsuit like this pursues a cause of action not only for the death of the bicyclist, but also for what he experienced prior to this death.

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