Thursday, April 12, 2012

How to Get the Chicago Bicycle Flag Sticker or Patch

Keating Law Offices and are proud to provide the Chicago Bicycle Flag to Chicago's bicycling community. If you are interested in getting a Chicago Bicycle Flag patch and sticker please Email KLO and provide the following:

First Last Name
Street/Unit Address
City, State Zip

We'll mail you out the Chicago Bicycle Flag for free and with no obligation other than to wear the patch and display the sticker with pride and represent Chicago's strong bicycle culture.

The legal blog was started in 2008 as a legal resource for Illinois bicyclists. Since that time the trial attorneys at Keating Law Offices have had the privilege of representing numerous bicyclists who were the victims of a bicycle-related crash or collision. The firm is now considering the premiere law firm in Illinois representing victims of bicycle accidents and is one of the top bicycle law firms in the United States. Attorney Mike Keating now serves as the Chair of the Bicycle Litigation Committee for the American Association for Justice, which is the national organization of trial lawyers.

The firm is always willing to assist any bicyclist injured anywhere in Illinois at anytime. Consistent with this, the lawyers at Keating Law Offices are always available to provide free initial consultations that are completely confidential and with no obligation. To reach Keating Law Offices please contact the firm at 312-239-6787 or feel free to email attorney Mike Keating directly at All e-mails and phone calls are returned promptly.

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