Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bloomberg News Ranks Chicago 9th Best Bike-to-Work City

BloombergBusinessweek created a ranking of best bike-to-work cities in the United States by studying 2010 census data of cities with greater than 250,000 workers. Chicago ranked 9th in Bloomberg's study, a great result in my opinion given Chicago's weather extremes. As noted in the article:
"Cycling is catching on in unlikely places. Chicago -- where the mean temperature in January is 24 degrees, according to the National Weather Service -- ranked ninth in the U.S. for bike commuting, with 1.1 percent of the workforce braving Midwestern extremes."
Most of the cities ahead of Chicago are in California or the Pacific Northwest where the temperature extremes are not as severe. Given this, there is an argument that Chicago is on its way to meeting Mayor Daley's dream of being the best BIG city for bicycling in the world. Mayor Emanuel has done a commendable job of continuing this vision and prioritizing infrastructure for bikes in Chicago's budget and construction plans. The "City That Works" is becoming the "City That Bikes."

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