Friday, July 13, 2012

IL Woman Charged With Hit-and-Run of 10-Year Old Wisconsin Girl

News outlets are reporting that 19-year old Marium Lidia Ibarra of Wonder Lake, Illinois has been charged with hitting a ten-year old girl on her bike and then fleeing the scene. Even worse, the reports indicate that the driver has also been charged with drunken driving. The allegations against Ms. Ibarra are the basis of every parent's worst nightmare when their child leaves home on their bike.

According to a statement by the injured girl to police, Ibarra backed her vehicle over the girl on her bike and dragged the bike 8 to 10 feet. Ibarra then fled the scene only to be apprehended after a witness noted the color of her vehicle and her Illinois license plates. She reportedly asked the police officer if she hit something when he approached her vehicle. An hour after she was apprehended her blood alcohol level was still .095 meaning she most likely had a blood alcohol level above .10 at the time of the collision. 

Ibarra now faces criminal felony charges of second-degree reckless endangerment and hit and run causing injury as well as misdemeanor charges of drunk driving.

Due to the fact that Ibarra is an Illinois resident, this means that a civil lawsuit against Ibarra can be brought in Illinois for the personal injuries sustained by the 10-year old girl. The lawsuit could also most likely seek punitive damages where Ibarra could be forced to pay a financial penalty to the little girl above and beyond just her medical bills and personal injuries. Illinois' laws and courts have historically been a more favorable place for an injured person to bring their case than Wisconsin. This is due to Illinois laws and customs regarding cases like these as opposed to Wisconsin's system which is much more conservative from a legal standpoint.

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