Friday, October 18, 2013

Batavia Wins "Bicycle Friendly Award" from the League of American Bicyclists

Batavia, a suburban city located in Kane County, was once known as the "Windmill City" due to its high production of windmills. Batavia can now add to its list of achievements. The League of American Bicyclists presented the Bicycle Friendly Community Awards on October 15, 2013 and named Batavia at the bronze level. A formal announcement given by the city of Batavia will be given at the next City Council meeting, held on October 21, 2013.

With Chicago already nationally recognized for its bicycle friendly communities, it comes as no surprise that Batavia, a suburb of Chicago, would also develop into a booming bicycle community. The City of Chicago has gained popularity among bicyclists due to its 200 miles of protected on-street lanes as well as plenty of leisurely pathways for those who prefer a more naturistic route. By 2020, Chicago will place a 645-mile network so that every person can have access to a bicycle and/or bicycle-friendly area within half a mile of them at all times, according to the City of Chicago.

Batavia is following in the same footsteps, growing progressively into somewhat of a haven for bicyclists. Awareness is being spread, community members are being educated, new policies are being implemented, and any problems that exist are being corrected. In short, Batavia is actively working to create and maintain a place where bicyclists can throw their worries aside and focus on nothing but enjoying their hobby in a safe and friendly environment.

As Mayor Jeffery Schielke said, "How often can a community add to the quality of life while at the same time attract economic development in a manner that is both efficient and environmentally responsible? We can't wait to reach platinum status." It is clear that Batavia is not slowing down anytime soon.

As attorneys who represent bicyclists who have been injured in a bicycle-related collision or crash, we applaud the efforts of Batavia. The Fox River Valley is one of the most scenic areas in all of Illinois with paths running along the river and sections of the Illinois Prairie Path within reach. Efforts like those taken by Batavia not only increase the opportunities for safe cycling, but they directly decrease the risk of a bicyclist being injured in a bicycle collision or crash.

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