Monday, January 13, 2014

Chicago Bicyclist Doored in West Town

The Illinois Bicycle Lawyers have been retained to represent a bicyclist who was the victim of a dooring in the West Town neighborhood in Chicago. The dooring occurred as the bicyclist was riding northbound on Wood Street at the same time as a driver of a vehicle suddenly opened his car door directly into the path of the bicyclist. Unable to evade the door, the bicyclist collided with it, and the collision caused her to be thrown from her bicycle onto the street. The motorist then went inside the television production office where he worked. Police who came to the scene were able to track the motorist to the vehicle on the street.

The bicyclist was taken to Rush University Medical Center due to pain in her right shoulder and elbow.
At the hospital, the bicyclist was physically examined and underwent x-rays. Since the collision she has also received orthopedic treatment as she continues to recover from her injuries.

According to the City of Chicago’s 2012 Bicycle Crash Analysis, Chicago has implemented several efforts to reduce the number of doorings in Chicago, including public awareness marketing campaigns and expanded driver education. Doorings are perhaps the type of bicycle vs. motor vehicle collision that are the most easily reduced. As the name of the City's campaign states, a driver exiting a vehicle need only LOOK! in order to avoid a dooring collision. Effective education that leads to new habits could be the key to reducing doorings.

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