Friday, April 25, 2014

Felt Bicycles Announces Recall of Triathalon Bikes Due to Potential Defect in Fork

Felt Bicycles of Irvine, California and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a recall of many of its Triathlon Bicycle models due to a potential defect in the bicycles' forks. Specifically, the recalls are of the 2008 Felt Triathlon Bicycle Models S22 and S32 and 2010 S32, B12, B14 and B16 models. 

The steer tube on the bicycle fork can break and cause the bicyclist to lose control and crash. Felt Bicycles has received 18 reports of the bicycles breaking, including five resulting in injuries to the riders.

The bicycle forks were installed on individual bicycles as part of complete bike packages. If you are an owner of a Felt Triathlon Bicycle, check to see if your bicycle is one of the recalled models. You can find the model number printed on the bicycle’s frame, right next to the Felt logo.

Purchasers of any of these Triathlon Bicycle models should immediately stop riding them and either contact Felt Bicycles at (866) 433-5887 or visit a nearby Felt Bicycles dealer to receive a free inspection and replacement.

The Illinois Bicycle Attorneys at the Keating Law Offices strongly encourage Illinois bicyclists to stay informed about recalls on bicycles, their parts and related equipment. Recalls are a reminder that product defects posing risks to cyclists are only discovered after the bike is on the road or trail. It is important to monitor the safety of your bicycle and equipment even after a purchase.

Under Illinois law, a manufacturer of a product can be held liable when their product fails while the person using it was doing so in a reasonably foreseeable manner. This means that if a bicycle crash occurs because a part of the bicycle failed during normal use, the manufacturer of the product can be responsible for any injuries or damage suffered by the rider as a result of the crash.

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