Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Keating Law Offices Supports Equiticity on Giving Tuesday 2020

In the spirit of giving, Keating Law Offices is proud to announce it is matching donations made to Equiticity’s end of the year “
Turn on the Power, and Let Equity Flow” fundraiser up to $1,000.00 for Giving Tuesday.

About Equiticity

Equiticity, a racial equity movement founded in Chicago which advocates for racial equity, increased mobility and racial justice for communities of color across the United States, is embarking on a campaign to raise $10,000.00 before the end of the year through their “Turn on the Power and Let Equity Flow” campaign. The funds raised will go towards research, advocacy, and programs for racial equity, mobility justice, and environmental justice including: 
  • Racial Equity Training Academy: A training and leadership development program for residents, organizers, advocates, activists, academics, philanthropists, and policymakers, designed for people to explore a foundational understanding of racial equity and its operational implementation. 
  • Bike design and fabrication: A job creation and workforce development program for young adults. 
  • The Go Hub: A Community Mobility Center as a physical space for community- and power-building, providing access to the necessary hardware (mobility devices and infrastructure) and software (community mobility rituals and socialization programs) to increase mobility. 
  • The Equiticity Bike Team: Engaging young people in the vast world of bikes, and related careers, competitions, tours, and programs. 
  • Community Mobility Rituals: Inclusive of three distinct series of community bicycle rides, neighborhood walking tours, and public transit excursions, designed to increase social cohesion and collective efficacy, as tools to reduce violence at the hyperlocal, neighborhood level. 
Equiticity’s fundraising efforts are scheduled to be announced on November 30 and Keating Law Offices will announce its match at the same time. More information about Equiticity’s movement and giving campaign can be found at Equiticity.org/Campaign.

About Keating Law Offices

Keating Law Offices is a personal injury law firm representing victims of bicycle crashes. The firm is based in Chicago, Illinois and represents clients throughout Illinois. Keating Law Offices is located in Chicago's Loop and on the Milwaukee Avenue bike lane in Chicago's West Town neighborhood. Since it was founded in 2008, Keating Law Offices has recovered tens of millions of dollars for injured cyclists and their families.