Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cannondale Announces Recall of "Model Six" Road Bikes

Cannondale has announced a recall of several of its road bikes. The Cannondale road bikes, manufactured in Taiwan, fail to meet the federal standards for bicycles that require spoke protector discs. Spoke protector discs prevent the bike chain from hitting the spokes on the back wheel and causing the bike to come to an unexpected, and dangerous, stop.

A bike that fails to meet the federal standards, or even well accepted industry standards, may be considered "unreasonably dangerous" under Illinois law. If you have been injured in a bicyling accident, please contact Mike Keating at or 312-208-7702.

The recall includes Cannondale "Six" road bikes which can be identified by the graphic letters "Six" emblazoned on the top bar of the bike. Here's a picture of one of the Six models: