Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rides of Silence to Honor Victims of Bicycle Collisions

The annual Ride of Silence honoring bicyclists who have been killed or injured in bicycle collisions is tonight, May 19, 2010. The Ride of Silence's website lists locations throughout Illinois for the ride.

An unfortunate corollary to the increase in popularity of bicycling in Illinois, particularly in the Chicago-areas urban/suburban environment is the increase of incidents where bicyclists are injured or killed by motorists who fail to obey the Rules of the Road.

More often than not, few traffic-related incidents are "accidents" in that they were completely unavoidable. Most motorist vs. bicyclist collisions occur when there is some kind of negligent error or outright act that results in a collision. This is why I do not use the term "accident" and prefer the term "collision."

See Governor Quinn's proclamation and other related photos and documents related to the Ride of Silence in Illinois by clicking here.