Thursday, August 12, 2010

NPR's Peter Sagal in Bike Collision in Oak Park

The host of NPR's "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me..." was recently injured in a bicycle vs. motor vehicle collision. Peter Sagal details the incident in this blog post. According to his blog, it sounds like car didn't yield the right of way as he entered the intersection. The Illinois Rules of the Road require motorists to yield the right of way to all traffic, including bicycles. Especially when the bicyclist is an award winning radio host.
In typical fashion, Sagal analagized his pain as an "invisible dwarf." He wrote the following on his blog: 
“This morning I felt a little better… the invisible dwarf is just phoning it in. Sure, he’ll stab me, that’s his job, he’s happy to have the work, but his heart is no longer in it.  I’m told that this is just a bad contusion, a deep bruise, etc., and yes, it does hurt that much, and it does get better.” wishes Peter a speedy recovery.