Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chicago Ranks High on List for Risk of Collisions

According to a study by Allstate Insurance Company, drivers in Chicago have a high risk of getting in a motor vehicle "accident." I put "accident" in quotes because there are very few true "accident." I prefer the term "collision" because two objects (trucks, cars, buses, bikes, pedestrians, etc.) usually collide when one of the objects isn't paying attention or breaks one of the Rules of the Road.

According to the study, Chicago ranked 167th in safety and the average Chicago driver will have an auto collision every 7.6 years. Chicago drivers are at a higher risk than in Houston, New York and Atlanta, but better than Dallas and Los Angeles. The highest risk city is Washington, D.C. where the average driver has a crash every 5.1 years. Note that the cities with the highest risk have the same thing in common: density. Meaning there are a lot of people operating in not a lot of space. I don't know that Allstate needed a study to know that busy cities are higher risk for collisions.

Source: Chicago listed as easy place for car accidents :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Transportation