Thursday, March 17, 2011

Romeoville to Link Bike Path to Commercial Area

View Larger MapWhile the focus of The Illinois Bicycle Lawyer blog is most often related to legal issues surrounding bicycle crashes and other bicycle-related incidents resulting in injuries, I also believe it is important to touch on public policy issues in Illinois related to bicycling. Most often these stories stem from a decision by the State or a local municipality to make an expenditure that creates or redevelops infrastructure that is conducive to bicycling and leads to higher rates of ridership. In plain language, your tax dollars get put to work building a new bike path, repaving an old one, or new routes or signage are installed.

TribLocal has a story on Romeoville's decision (click here for the "Bike Trail Master Plan") to build a 1200 foot bike path that will connect a commercial area to an already existing bike path. The goal for a development of this nature is not only to increase ridership, but also to get more (bicycle) traffic to the commercial area. The path will be located along Budler Road roughly between Tuscany Lane to Trafalgar Drive.

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