Monday, April 25, 2011

IDOT To Track "Doorings"

As detailed in previous posts on, it was the practice of the Illinois Department of Transportation to not track and account for the number of "doorings" that occurred in Illinois and to count them as motor vehicle collisions. IDOT's logic was that since the "doorings", by definition, occurred when the motor vehicle was not running, that this was not a typical collision. The problem with this is that the statistics on the number of "doorings" in Illinois was incomplete. This leads to a larger problem in that the public at large was not aware of how common and dangerous the "dooring" phenomena is in Illinois.

It was announced today that Illinois Governor Patrick Quinn has ordered IDOT to start counting "dooring" as a motor vehicle collision when compiling accident statistics. Per Gov. Quinn's order the fact that the motor vehicle may be turned off has no relation to the fact that the operator of the motor vehicle caused a collision with another permitted user of the roadway in a bicyclist.

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