Monday, September 10, 2012

How Hot Was It? So Hot Many Bicyclists Passed On Favorite Long Rides

According to the Chicago Tribune, the record breaking heat this summer caused many bicyclists to stay inside. Duffy’s Tavern in Utica, Illinois, says the summer heat kept many cyclists off the Illinois & Michigan Canal Path (“I&M”).  Duffy’s, a popular local tavern near the path says the decrease in cyclists on the path over the summer months hurt the tavern’s sales. However, Duffy’s expects cycling on the path as well as business to increase as fall weather replaces the blistering heat.

The 60 mile Illinois & Michigan Canal biking trail is highly recommended for bikers who enjoy a ride with pit stops and sightseeing. The trail, which runs parallel to the canal from Joliet to LaSalle, allows riders to experience some of Illinois’s most historic towns and attractions. To learn more about biking on the I&M canal biking trail click here.

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