Monday, November 19, 2012

Tikit Folding Bicycles Recalled Over Defective Handlebar Stems

Bike Friday of Eugene, Oregon and the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission have announced a recall of all of Bike Friday’s “tikit” line of folding bicycles. This recall affects all tikit brand folding bicycles manufactured before October 12, 2012. 

Over 3,800 tikit bicycles have been sold since 2007. The tikit bicycles are primarily used as commuter bikes and are sold under a variety of model names including the “Model T tikit,” “One Way tikit,” and “Infinity tikit.” The bicycles all have 16” wheels and come in a variety of colors.  The affected bicycles were sold both directly to customers and by Bike Friendly dealers across the country.
According to the CPSC, cracks have caused the handlebar stems of at least six tikit model bicycles to break. These breaks have resulted in injuries to riders in bicycle accidents including a head laceration, bruising and scrapes. According to updates from the company website, owners of tikit bicycles with cracks in the handlebar stem have reported feeling a loosening of the stem, noticing a change in how the bike feels while riding, or hearing creaking noises from the stem.
Bike Friday has asked all users of its tikit folding bicycles to immediately inspect their bicycles or them to a dealer for inspection. The company has warned that:
“… we continue to strongly recommend that you do not ride your Bike Friday tikit no matter what results you might have found in personally inspecting your bike. We just don't know the reliability of the stems we produced. You are at risk if you ride your tikit.”
In Illinois, a cyclist may bring a claim against the manufacturer or seller of a bicycle or bicycle component that is unreasonably dangerous when the flaw in the bicycle results in an injury. A crack in the handlebar stem of a bicycle can cause the handlebar stem fail to break off. A stem break that occurs while riding is extremely dangerous and can cause the complete loss of control of the bicycle and for the rider to fall and crash.
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