Friday, May 10, 2013

Surly Bikes Recall Pugsley Bike Forks Because of Potential Defect

Surly Bikes of Bloomington, Minnesota has announced a recall of approximately 975 Surly Pugsley bicycle forks such as the ones pictured to the left.  The recall was issued following one report of a bicycle fork bending above the disc brake mount.  This reported incident did not result in an injury. 
According to the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission, the 100mm bicycle forks "are black, have triple water bottle mounts on each side, rack/fender mounts on the top and bottom and have date code 2012 03 20 stamped on the steerer tube."  The 135mm bicycle forks "are black, yellow or red and are stamped with date code 2012 06 19 on the steerer tube."  Both models have "Surly" printed on both legs of the fork and "Pugsley" printed on the packaging. 
In Illinois, the manufacturer of a product can be held liable when their product fails and the person was using the product in a reasonably foreseeable manner. Obviously, a bicyclist riding a bike in an appropriate manner does not expect the bike's fork to bend.  Therefore, any injuries that do result from a product failure such as this may be a basis for a claim against the manufacturer. Keating Law Offices obtained a six-figure settlement on behalf of a mountain biker who was severely injured when the fork on the rider's mountain bike failed.
The recall at issues affects Surly Pugsley's 100mm and 135mm bicycle forks.  The 100mm bicycle forks were sold individually for approximately $100. The 135mm bicycle forks were sold both individually for approximately 100 and on Surly Pugsley's 2013 model year bicycles, which retailed for approximately $1,750.  Both bicycle forks sold nationwide from May 2012 to February 2013.  The forks were manufactured by  Aprebic Industry Co. Ltd. of Taiwan and imported by Surly Bikes, a wholly-owned brand of Quality Bicycle Products, Inc.
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