Friday, October 25, 2013

Bicyclist Killed When Struck by Vehicle on Madison St. in Oak Park

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The Chicago Tribune is reporting that a 91-year old bicyclist was killed as a result of a bicycle vs. motor vehicle collision in Oak Park. The collision occurred around 8 p.m. on Thursday evening in the near western suburb. The bicyclist was riding his bicycle north on Scoville and attempting to cross Madison Street. As the bicyclist was crossing Madison Street, he was struck by a passing motorist who allegedly failed to reduce his speed to avoid the collision. The motorist was ticketed by the police at the scene.

No further details are available regarding this collision. However, given the fact that the Oak Park police investigation concluded that the motorist was at fault for failing to reduce speed to avoid the collision, the family of the injured bicyclist may proceed with a Wrongful Death and Survival lawsuit. A lawsuit like this pursues a cause of action not only for the death of the bicyclist, but also for what he experienced prior to this death.

The bicyclist was an Oak Park resident who had worked in the area for 25 years after emigrating to the United States. The bicyclist worked at a local car wash and had worked at many other area businesses.
This tragic collision is yet another example of the vulnerability of a bicyclist in contrast to a motorist. Our thoughts and prayers are with the bicyclist and his family.

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