Monday, April 7, 2014

Rogue Motorist Causes Mayhem in Evanston - Bicyclist Among Those Injured

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ABC7 is reporting that a 63-year old Wilmette woman was arrested after she allegedly caused several collisions in Evanston on Sunday morning. The first collision occurred around 10:00 a.m. when the woman first was involved in a crash at the intersection of Ridge and Davis. Ridge Avenue is a roadway that transects several North Shore communities and is commonly used by motorists as a thoroughfare to Chicago.

The motorist then fled the scene of this first collision and proceeded southeast where she then struck a person riding a scooter on Chicago Avenue and then caused a third crash when she struck a bicyclist at Main Street. Both the person riding the scooter and the bicyclist were treated at the hospital. According to reports from a post on theChainlink, the bicyclist was transported via ambulance to St. Francis Hospital in Evanston.

Attorney Mike Keating is an Evanston resident and regularly rides in this area of Evanston. Attorney Keating said,
"This is an extremely scary situation. Many bicyclists regularly use Chicago Avenue to ride north-to-south through Evanston's central business district and to ride to and from Evanston's lakefront and to ride into Chicago. I've ridden and run through this very intersection numerous times. The utter disregard for safety by this motorist is nothing short of alarming. My thoughts and prayers are obviously with everyone affected by this incident.
According to the ABC7 report, several witnesses saw the Wilmette motorist running other cars and pedestrians off of the road as she swerved in and out of traffic. The motorist was chased by police as she traveled west towards Skokie where she was finally stopped in front of a school. The woman reportedly refused to leave her vehicle and had to be physically removed by officers who placed her under arrest. She was taken to a hospital for treatment. No further details have been reported.

From a legal standpoint, the woman will certainly face charges for violating multiple traffic regulations. More significantly, she will most likely face charges for, at a minimum, reckless driving and possibly many more severe felony charges.

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