Monday, May 5, 2014

Village of Glenview to Install 3 New Bike Paths

The Village of Glenview has announced the construction of three new bicycle and pedestrian paths in the northern suburb. The largest of the projects is a 2-mile, off-road bicycle and pedestrian path not set to be completed until 2016. However, residents of Glenview can look forward to the construction of two smaller trails this calendar year. The first project, which starts in the summer, is a trail stretching roughly 0.75 miles to connect Glenbrook South High School with The Glen. The second project starts in the fall, and will include about 0.50 miles of new pathway to connect two existing trails in the Village.

Construction on these new trails is funded by over $1 million in grants awarded to Glenview by the Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program. The trails will be a key part of Bike Glenview, a village-wide initiative launched last spring to promote bicycling in the village. The bike trails will also be a major factor in the implementation of Glenview’s comprehensive Bike and Sidewalk master plan, which was initially passed in 2007 and pledges to add 50 miles of bike and sidewalk paths in and around the village by the year 2030.

The Illinois Bicycle Lawyers at Keating Law Offices fully support the development of bicycle trails and bicycle paths throughout the Chicagoland area. Separate, designated bike trails and paths provide a safe and convenient alternative to street transportation, which will reduce the risk factors that lead to bicycle accidents in Glenview. It is also a particularly positive development that Glenview, an area that has faced criticism for being designed around the use of automobiles, to take ownership of the planning and include infrastructure developments specific to bicycles and pedestrians. Glenview's commitment to active transportation demonstrates that an overall commitment to the health and safety of its residents can lead to not only safer streets, but areas that are more attractive to area residents and visitors.

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