Friday, May 1, 2015

Keating Law Offices Launches Bicycle Awareness Campaign

The Illinois Bicycle Lawyers at Keating Law Offices in Chicago, Illinois have launched a Bicycle Awareness Campaign. The Illinois Bicycle Lawyers' most recent efforts to promote safe bicycling does so by reaching out directly to motorists.

The Chicago, Illinois law firm that concentrates its practice on representing victims of bicycle accidents is providing free bumper stickers to motorists. The bumper stickers serve as an opportunity for motorists to declare that they "Share The Road" and "Look For Bikes." At the same time, other motorists are reminded that bicycles are on the roadway.

Attorney Michael S. Keating, who also serves as the Chair of the Bicycle Litigation Committee for the national trial lawyer's association, says that including motorists is an important part of promoting safe bicycling. Attorney Keating said: 
"Far too often we see the devastating effects of a collision between a bicyclist and a motor vehicle. And a common factor in those collisions is that the motorist didn't look for bicycles or didn't share the road by providing the bicyclist the three feet required under Illinois law. With this campaign the goal is to spread this message right on the roadways with visual reminders and add to the efforts to increase safe bicycling in Illinois." 
To receive the "I Share The Road" or "I Look For Bikes" bumper stickers for free, simply email and include your mailing address. For more information on Keating Law Offices, please visit and

Keating Law Offices is the premiere personal injury law firm in Illinois that dedicates its practice to representing victims of bicycle accidents. The firm is recognized as a national leader among bicycle attorneys and is a committed advocate to safe bicycling in Illinois. 

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