Monday, August 3, 2015

Lawsuit Against Two Separate Drivers Settled Prior to Trial

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Keating Law Offices has successfully received two separate settlements on behalf of a cyclist who was injured after being struck by a car while waiting at a red light. The reason for two settlements was the fact that there were two cars involved in an intersection collision that caused one of the cars to careen off and strike the bicyclist. 

Naperville Bicyclist Victim Of Drivers' Poor Decisions

Just prior to the bike accident, the bicyclist was travelling on Mill Street and was stopped at a red light on Ogden Avenue, a main street that runs from Chicago through the western suburbs. While the bicyclist was stopped at the red light, the motor vehicle collision involving the two cars was unfolding in front of him. One driver was traveling west on Ogden Avenue and waiting for traffic to clear before making her left turn southbound onto Mill Street. At the same time a motorist driving a car eastbound was proceeding through the same intersection of Ogden and Mill.

The lawsuit first alleged that the motor vehicle collision occurred when the westbound driver from Ogden did not yield and turned in front of the eastbound driver. The lawsuit further alleged that the the eastbound driver did not reduce speed as it neared the intersection and did not stop prior to impact. In simple terms, the lawsuit alleged that the negligent actions of both drivers led to this car crash that sent the eastbound driver's car careening into the bicyclist.

Insurance Settlements For Bicycle Accidents

Settlements such as this are not uncommon. It is important to note that in filing a lawsuit against two drivers that there does not have to be a "50/50" situation where both motorists are equally at fault. In this instance, it was alleged that the left-turning motorist was primarily at fault. However, the oncoming motorist was at least partially responsible for not slowing as the car approached the intersection or otherwise having enough control of the vehicle to stop prior to impact. 

The left-turning westbound motorist was ticketed for failure to yield the right-of-way. The attorneys from Keating Law Offices attended the traffic court date to assist the bicyclist. The bicyclist, an experienced and successful competitive rider, was thrown from his bike and his head hit the curb after being struck by the careening vehicle.  Immediately after the bicycle accident, the bicyclist was taken by ambulance to the emergency room where he required additional treatment. The bicyclist also suffered dental injuries that required oral surgery.

Bicycle Crash Settlements Help Injured Bicyclists Move Forward

These two settlements allowed the injured bicyclist to be fully compensated for his medical bills, time lost from work, and also to receive a substantial amount of compensation for his pain and suffering from this crash. This lawsuit in the DuPage County Circuit Court was prolonged by the fact that the two insurance companies for each driver were "pointing their finger" at the other driver for who was responsible. While there was no argument that the bicyclist in any way did anything wrong, there were arguments as to how much each of the two drivers was liable and to what extent the bicyclist was injured. But by consistent advocacy on behalf of the bicyclist, the firm was able to make certain that the best interests of its client were taken care of in resolving this case.

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