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What NOT To Do If You've Been A Victim Of A Bicycle Crash

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The calendar pages have turned to 2016 and everyone is making New Year's resolutions. The Illinois Bicycle Lawyers at Keating Law Offices have previously discussed at length what TO DO if you have been in a bicycle accident. But in keeping with the theme of New Year's resolutions, here are some actions to definitely skip if the unfortunate strikes and you are injured in a bicycle accident.  A resolution should be one that improves your life in some measurable way, so keep these steps in mind, as they can make a big difference:

Refusing Medical Care Even Though You Are Injured: You're scared. You're injured. The adrenaline is pumping and everything is a blur. People are all around you telling you what to do. You're also in pain. But you are worried about the cost of an ambulance or an E.R visit. You just really want to get home and figure you will be OK soon enough so you skip getting medical attention. The ramifications from this decision range from medical to legal. By not getting medical attention you are risking making a medical situation that was treatable much, much worse by waiting. You also miss the opportunity for your injuries to be documented near the time the injury occurred. This is very important to medical professionals who may provide treatment in the future. From a legal standpoint electing not to take an ambulance or get immediate medical attention causes insurance adjusters and insurance defense attorneys to question the seriousness of the injury. Even though the decision to not seek medical attention had nothing to do with the need for it, the absence of documented injuries at or near the time of the injury will forever cause a "question" in the minds of those that are paid to keep you from getting the compensation you deserve. If there is insurance coverage for the bike accident, the medical bills will most likely be covered that way. And in cases where there isn't insurance and you are unable to pay, most hospitals will consider a waiver of charges through a charitable application.

Hitting Social Media With Details Of Your Crash: Being in a bike accident is a big deal, and like a lot of major events in your life you want to tell your friends about it on social media. Don't. Those same insurance adjusters and insurance defense attorneys will use any small detail that they can find and try to use it against you. We've even heard the argument, "How could they be so hurt if they were still on social media?" This makes no sense because you only need a working thumb and you can post, but that's besides the point. Don't give anyone fuel to try and deny you the opportunity to compensate you for what you've been through. If you want to communicate with your friends and family about how you're doing, do so privately and not in a public forum.

Trying To Handle The Insurance Claim On Your Own: That lady from the insurance company who called you seemed really nice and genuinely concerned for your well being. She said that the insurance company would pay your part of the medical bills and you had nothing to worry about. She just needs to take your statement over the phone oh, and you don't mind if she records it, do you? Well, you have a lot to worry about as this is the oldest insurance company scam in the book. The insurance adjuster doesn't tell you that they will use the recorded statement against you if it is convenient. What that adjuster also fails to mention is that a personal injury claim is made up of more than just your medical bills. You are entitled to be compensated for time lost from work, pain and suffering, loss of a normal life, and other compensable damages under Illinois personal injury law. In addition, if your bike was damaged you can also get compensation for the property damage. Insurance companies spend literally billions of dollars every year fighting claims, you should have someone fighting on your behalf. Our involvement in hundreds of cases has made a large difference in the outcome of the case by getting maximum compensation for ALL the parts of your personal injury case. Insurance companies - fairly or not - treat attorneys differently than they do the injured person. The attorneys at Keating Law Offices work 100% on a contingency fee basis meaning you pay absolutely nothing - zero - unless we successfully resolve your case. We do not accept a single penny from you directly and only get paid directly from the insurance company proceeds when your case is resolved. President Abraham Lincoln may have said it best when he said, "He who represents himself has a fool for a client." You have nothing to lose by contacting the Illinois bike attorneys at Keating Law Offices. All initial consultations are absolutely free and with no obligation. Call or email anytime. We are here to help.

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