Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bike Attorney Mike Keating's Article, "Bicycling In An Automobile's World," Published In Trial Magazine

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More Americans use bicycles than ever before, but decaying infrastructure, automobile-focused transportation policies, and a lack of federal funding put bicyclists at serious risk of harm. These are the issues investigated in a recent journal article authored by Keating Law Offices attorney Michael S. Keating. The article, entitled "Bicycling In An Automobile's World," was recently published in Trial Magazine. Trial Magazine is an award-winning publication produced by the American Association for Justice, the national trial lawyer organization that works to promote a fair and effective justice system for injured Americans and their families. 

America's Decaying Infrastructure May Directly Lead To Bicycle Accidents

For decades, the United States has failed to adequately incorporate bicycles into its overall transportation plan, instead focusing almost entirely on motor vehicle traffic. This longstanding transportation policy has resulted in roadways, bridges, and other elements of transportation infrastructure that are not “bike friendly.” Bicyclists are vulnerable roadway users and current transportation policies unfairly place them in harm’s way, leading to crashes that could have been avoided by adding bicycle-friendly features into the transportation infrastructure. A bike-friendly transportation project incorporates features such as bicycle lanes and paths, and it creates safer streets so that its overall design helps bicyclists stay safe.

Illinois Bicycle Attorney Michael S. Keating

Attorney Michael S. Keating is a national leader in the field of bicycle litigation.  Keating Law Offices has successfully represented hundreds of injured bicyclists and their families and in the process recovered millions of dollars in settlements and awards. Mr. Keating has served for years as the Chair of the American Association for Justice's Bicycle Litigation Committee and is an active member of the Active Transportation Alliance and Ride Illinois, formerly the League of Illinois Bicyclists. 

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