Thursday, April 18, 2019

Keating Law Offices to Co-Host Bike Lane Uprising’s Day of Service

Bike Lane Uprising Day of Service - 5/19/19
Keating Law Offices is proud to co-host Bike Lane Uprising’s Day of Service. The Day of Service is an effort to document the conditions of bike lanes throughout the city and report the conditions to the City of Chicago. This effort will provide the City of Chicago legal notice as to any dangerous defects or conditions. The effect of the day of service will help the City of Chicago prioritize its efforts in maintaining bike lanes and lead to fewer dangerous conditions in Chicago's bike lanes.

The date for the Bike Lane Uprising Day of Service is May 19, 2019. While the mission is service, the Day of Service will be a fun day. We will meet at Keating Law Offices’ West Town Office for donuts and coffee. We will then head out for a few hours to inspect and document bike lanes. We will then re-group for drinks and eats at a post-event party.

Please help spread the word. You can find more information by visiting Bike Lane Uprising’s website here. And please help promote the Day of Service by using #BLUDayofService on social media.

Keating Law Offices is the premiere personal injury law firm representing victims of bicycle accidents in Illinois. The firm has two locations in Chicago. The Loop office is located on the Washington Street bike lane at 111 West Washington Street. And the West Town office is located right on the Milwaukee Avenue bike lane at 825 North Milwaukee Avenue. The firm is committed to Chicago’s cycling community and advocating for safe cycling.