Wednesday, December 16, 2009

UPDATE: Chicago Bicyclist Killed by ex-Convict

Numerous news outlets are reporting that West Side resident Jepson Livingston was killed in the city's Logan Square neighborhood when a van veered into his path while he was riding in the 3800 block of West Diversey Avenue. This section of Diversey has a clearly marked bike lane and is frequently used by bicyclists.

The driver of the van, 21-year old Tyrice Pryor, fled the scene on foot after the collision. Pryor was on parole from a sentence stemming from a burglary. Pryor allegedly was in a "feud" with another driver and the two cars were ramming each other down Division Street. There are reports that Livingston's body was propelled as high as the utility wires as a result of the impact.

The Cook County Medical Examiner's Office has ruled the death of Livingston as a homicide and the Cook County State's Attorney's Office has charged Pryor with murder. As a civil matter, Livingston's family could proceed with a wrongful death and survival action against Pryor as well as the driver of the other vehicle.

A case such as this illuminates the importance of underinsured/uninsured motorist protection. UM/UIM insurance provides coverage for an injured person if the driver at fault has very little (underinsured) or no insurance (uninsured) at all. Especially in "hit-and-run" situations or criminal actions where the person responsible has no insurance and no way of compensating an injured person for their loss, UM/UIM coverage is often the only insurance available to the injured person or their family.

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