Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bicyclist in Southern Illinois Killed When Rear-Ended by Pick-Up Truck

The Southern Illinoisan is reporting that a Saline County bicyclist passed away May 2, 2013 after a collision where the bicyclist was rear ended by the driver of a pick-up truck.  The bicyclist, a resident of Galatia, Illinois, was riding his bicycle on a Saline County roadway when he was allegedly rear-ended by the driver of a GMC Sierra pickup truck.

The Saline County Sheriff's Department and the Galatia Fire Department responded to the scene, but the bicyclist's injuries were so severe that he was pronounced dead at the scene. Few other details are available as the investigation continues and no traffic citations have been issued at this time.

Tragic collisions such as this are an unfortunate reminder of the inherent vulnerability of bicyclists when they share the roadway with vehicles. No matter how vigilant a bicyclist is, the driver of a vehicle that fails to keep a proper lookout or to reduce speed to avoid a collision is dangerous to everyone on the roadway.  It is incredibly important for cyclists to monitor their surroundings at all times. This is especially important for rural cyclists, where less dense traffic conditions allow motor vehicle drivers to travel at higher rates of speed.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of this bicyclist.