Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Bicycle Path Grant Program Provides New Bridge for Lake Bluff

The Office of Illinois Governor Pat Quinn announced that the State of Illinois will invest $87,000.00 in a new civic works project that will construct a new bicycle path in the village of Lake Bluff and to build a brand new bridge over West Scranton Avenue. This infrastructure project will replace the existing bridge which runs along the Robert McClory Bike Path. 

This project is the latest of Governor Quinn’s $1 million investment in improving the quantity and quality of bicycle trails in Illinois.  “This investment will provide more opportunities for people to get out, get healthy and enjoy what Lake Bluff has to offer,” Governor Quinn said. “Bicycling is an ideal activity for young and old, and this path will make biking safer and more convenient.” In addition to a healthy lifestyle, bike trails such as this one offer a great way to experience the scenery of Illinois. 

State Senator Julie Morrison, added, “The Robert McClory Bike Path gives cyclists an opportunity to see Lake County from top to bottom. It’s a great local attraction, and I’m glad to see the state chipping in to keep it in good repair.”
The efforts to improve the bicycle paths in the state of Illinois began in 1989 by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. This plan, known as the “Bicycle Path Grant Program”, funded by a percentage of motor vehicle title fees, provides up to 50% of the costs associated with these projects. Since 1990, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources has created approximately 982 miles of government bicycle trails in the state of Illinois.
The attorneys of Keating Law Offices are ardent supporters of bicycling and public works initiatives like these that increase the usability of the state's existing infrastructure by bicyclists. The use of this grant is especially appealing because it takes the already existing trail and maximizing its usability. This will "pull" bicyclists to the path where they are free to ride without the risk of collisions with motor vehicles.

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