Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Annual "Ride of Silence" is Tonight, May 18th

The annual "Ride Of Silence," to commemorate the deaths of bicyclists killed while riding is tonight, May 18th. This world-wide event will be taking place in Chicago and various other locations throughout Chicago. For information on the event please go to the Ride of Silence - Chicago website

The Illinois Bicycle Lawyer website was created by Keating Law Offices, P.C. as a resource for bicyclists in Illinois, in particular those that have been injured in an accident while riding. Due to the very nature of bicycling, the rider is left exposed and vulnerable when riding in traffic. Illinois law provides that bicyclists are permitted the same rights and privileges as motorists on the roadways. Unfortunately, there are thousands of injuries and even deaths every year because bicyclists' rights are infringed upon and an accident occurs. The Ride of Silence is an unfortunate reminder of the worst case scenario that exists for bicyclists riding among motor vehicles.

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