Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Evanston Bicyclist Struck by Turning Car

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that a Chicago-area bicyclist was struck in Evanston while riding home to his parents in Glencoe. According to the news report, the bicyclist was struck by a motorist who was turning westbound from Chicago Avenue near Evanston's South Boulevard stop on the Purple Line.

Keating Law Offices is handling another case of a bicyclist who was similarly struck by a motor vehicle turning off of Chicago Avenue. This is a very congested area of Evanston that is popular with bicyclists because of its location in relation to Evanston's Lakefront, Evanston's downtown area, and Sheridan Road. As an Evanston resident I have often ridden the same route. The area is a prime location for "left hook" and "right hook" motor vehicle vs. bicyclist collisions.

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